Chuck & Don’s offers a variety of high-quality pet foods and supplies. A unique shopping experience awaits two-legged and four-legged customers alike with outstanding service, knowledgeable staff, and locally sponsored events and seminars. We make pets happy!

Heights Canine is Cleveland Ohio’s premier dog training, boarding, and daycare facility. We specialize in the advanced training and behavioral rehabilitation of all breeds of dogs.

Located in Industry, Pennsylvania, A&B Canine’s mission is to provide the utmost excellent training and knowledge to dog owners in the Tri-State Area. We use a comprehensive approach of training by means of focusing on a “balanced” relationship between the owner and dog. Our goal is to better the relationship between the dog and owner. We do not focus on a purely positive or traditional approach to training, but addressing the needs of the dog.

iMpower K9 LLC is a St. Louis based company that is focused on providing the highest quality of pet care. We address your dogs needs both psychologically and physically so we get results that will insure a balanced, life long relationship with your dog(s). As professional dog trainers, we show the results the owner wants quickly and simplify the process so that everyone can grasp the concepts for success.

Oklahoma City, OK

We are the innovators of using low level stimulation to condition dogs to obey without the use of high levels of corrective stimulus. Our remote dog trainer collars are specifically designed to give a precision blunt level of the stimulation with predictable results. Our proprietary stimulation circuitry, which mimics a human muscle stimulator, has been proven to improve the effectiveness and reduce stress on the dog and owner during training exercises. Combine e-collar training with plenty of positive reinforcement making training your dog a pleasurable experience.

A group for the people who train with Utah Protection sports in either French ring, Mondio ring or IPO.

Heartland Mondioring is a dedicated group of handler dog teams interested in training in, improving and sharing the sport of Mondioring.

At Janus Small Associates, we help you turn your nonprofit group into the effective organization it needs to be to do the best for the community it serves.

Fabricación y venta directa de material canino de alta calidad, especializados en material para deportes de ring y material policial/militar.

Chocolate Fusion by Lori is your go to resource for that special chocolaty gift that will have your family, friends and business acquaintances talking, in a good way, of course. Our hand-dipped and often unusual combinations make our chocolates undeniably unique. Like a work of art, we combine artisanship and imagination into each treat we create. Our chocolates can be abstract to make you question if you should look at the chocolate or eat it — by all means, eat it!

Dog sports, focusing on IPO and Mondioring near St. Louis, Missouri. We train without electric, pinch, or choke collars. What? Can that be done? Why, yes. Yes it can, and it’s a lot of fun!

In collaboration with professional trainers and dog behavioral specialists – we have created the ultimate SAFE kennel. This kennel offers durability for home, travel and competitions. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting. HDPE is a FDA approved sanitary surface, and is UV stable. We use a full 1/4″ thick HDPE, which is 6 times thicker than the average injection molded kennels/crates. Our unique process consists of finger-joint connections, interior thermal welding, exterior corner and angle braces – fastened with low-profile stainless steel hardware.

Leading bi-monthly K9 magazine with features on police, military, and working dog topics. Bringing you the latest and greatest every issue.

We’re a Mondio Ring club located in north western Pennsylvania.